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MicroFx now proudly celebrates a successful decade of its history. Since the beginning in 1996, proactive pursuit of perfection and continuous product improvement enabled MicroFx to maintain its unrivaled position as the major supplier of handheld “Electronic Ticketing Machines”. Renowned as the leading supplier of handheld ETMs to Road Transport Corporations of the states of Karnataka, Kerala, UP, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Tamil Nadu and Madhya, and a horde of bus operators all over South India, MicroFx has made on the spot  ticketing through electronic handheld machine a reality, and has become the pioneer in the field.

At present about thirteen thousand MicroFx ETMs are used in Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation buses. There are more than thirty three thousand MicroFx ETMs used by various operators elsewhere in India. Over six thousand machines are currently in use in Sri Lanka, Dubai, Malaysia and Southwest Africa. In other words, over 53,000 of our ETMs are used by various operators in India and abroad.

The unwavering commitment to excellence of its personnel transforms every aspect of MicroFx a pride for all those associate with it. The R&D team of MicroFx always strives in pursuit of innovation and technological perfection that are even beyond the imagination of its esteemed customers. The enviable success of MicroFx is seamlessly linked to the impeccable expertise of its staff, commitment to the customers and the technological advances made by its R&D team.

MicroFx ETMs meet specific challenges of operation without compromise in quality even under the most adverse conditions.


By your becoming a customer of MicroFx, we The MicroFx family, solicit your trust to be engendered in its technology and its transparent, honest and efficient customer service


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Management Team

Sahib Jan
Managing Director


Bobitha Jan