Specification of MicroFx Bus Ticketing Machine Hardware:

  1. Advanced Micro controller based system with the latest Hardware technology.
  2. 4MB nonvolatile Data memory expandable to 16 Mb
  3. Data preservation for more than 10 years
  4. Capability to store more than 10,000 tickets information and 500 routes data.
  5. In built Real time clock with separate battery
  6. 20 x 8 line graphic backlit LCD display.
  7. 30 key alpha numeric elastromeric keyboard with different colors and with minimum 10 million operations.
  8. Ultra fast 2 inch thermal printer with 60mm/sec speed, 384 dots /line and easy loading mechanism.
  9. Paper over sensor and paper cover open sensor.
  10. 1700 mAh high energy Li-Ion Battery with 300-500 charge discharge cycle.
  11. Battery capacity to print more than 4500 tickets and operable for more than 7 days.
  12. Inbuilt advanced battery charger with auto charge termination for enhanced battery life.
  13. Soft touch power On/Off control for easy operation.
  14. Automatic and intelligent power shutdown for extended operation.
  15. Intelligent micro controller based battery low indication and shutdown.
  16. Easy paper loading, without the need to insert paper into the printer. (Open paper cover, place paper roll and close paper cover type of paper loading.)
  17. Rs232 port for PC connectivity with IR port for uploading and downloading data to / from PC and also from ETM to ETM at rates upto 115 K-baud.
  18. Provision for RFID ISO 14443 -A READ & WRITE module. (MIFARE) with crypto
  19. Provision for GSM /GPRS Module for remote data transfer.
  20. Provision for wireless data communication for remote display inside buses.
  21. Ergonomically designed for easy holding and weight less than 370 grams.

Software features:

  • Advanced and interactive application software
  • Minimum key operation for printing tickets and reports
  • Memory capability to download and store minimum of 500 route details each with 12 character name description and 6 digit fare.
  • Provision to upload complete ticket details with time to a computer
  • Provision to issue journey tickets and tickets for luggage, half tickets, handicap and other tickets.
  • Provision to issue group ticket with all combination of tickets – if needed with concession/discounts also.
  • Provision to enter inspection details with Case Booking.
  • Provision for diesel entries
  • Provision for Private reservation and window booking
  • Status report detailing ticket no, Boarding and alighting stage name, full, half. Luggage route and ticket amount of all tickets currently valid.
  • Trip Sheet report for ALL, CURRENT and SELECTED trips
  • Ticket issued details for ALL, CURRENT and SELECTED trips.
  • Collection report for ALL, CURRENT and SELECTED trips
  • EPKM report
  • Stage wise report for ALL, CURRENT and SELECTED trips
  • Provision for printing Barcode data for security.

RF-ID Smart Card Interface

  • Capable of reading ISO 14443-A Contact-less Smart Card.
  • Details like ID, Name, Address and Pass details can be entered.
  • Passes can be validated against programmed parameters and appropriate message can be displayed with audio alarm.
  • New Passes or validity periods can be programmed / reprogrammed.
  • Amount can be added (recharged).
  • Ticket amount can be debited from card and appropriate messages like balance can be printed along with tickets.

Attachable modules: (Optional)

  • Provision for including GSM /GPRS or Radio frequency modules for transmitting data.
  • Provision for including Barcode Scanner Engines (internal / external).


Software can be modified to suit customer’s Requirements.

Hardware Features

  • Ultra compact and ultra low weight with sturdy and rugged plastic casing.
  • Ergonomically designed for easy handling with meticulous weight balancing for stress free operation.
  • Efficient battery management software, which allows more than 15 days operation and about 4500 tickets in one complete battery charge.
  • The initial high printing capability of 4500 tickets, ensures more than 1000 tickets even after one year of operation thus avoiding battery problem during the course of usage.

Dimension: 230mm length. 73mm width at key board and 82mm at display ,

25mm thick at keyboard side and 40mm at printer side

Weight : 360 gm with battery.

More than 50,000 bus ticketing machines successfully in operation, making MicroFx The trusted name in Bus Ticketing